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Your Desire is a Seed that Needs to Be Planted and Cultivated.

"Vision encompasses values, beliefs, talents, gifts, and shared experiences. It is the way we look at our ideal self with no blemishes, mistakes, or disappointments. Vision operates from meaningful experiences, overflow of resources, fulfilling relationships, physical and mental wellness, and self-confidence. Vision is a place where we see ourselves operating with efficiency and without barriers." 

-Dr. Norris D. DuPree, Jr.

Vision shows you three things about who you are:


1. Vision shows your purpose, meaning in life, and why you exist.


2. Vision shows what you need to work on, what you need to develop personally and need to achieve.


3. Vision shows your future potential. The ability to focus on these three things will help you to focus, develop goals, acquire skills that will shift the trajectory of your life.



You Were Created

to Win and Be

A Champion.


My mission is to empower you to live a productive life, despite your circumstances.


My experience includes coaching, ministry, motivational speaking, teaching, counseling, supervising, seminar facilitation, guest lecturer, threat assessment, consultant, team building and performance enhancement.

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