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Hot off the press...

God created you to win; you are a gift to the world and there is a treasure inside you that needs to be brought to the forefront. Take Your Life Back is a therapeutic and goal driven workbook intended to assist your life journey. This workbook is a life tool designed to help you recognize purpose, pursue destiny, and understand your Vision. The workbook is filled with case examples, worksheets, and assignments that lead to self-growth and living a purpose-filled life.

Your Vision. Your Life. Your Destiny. Your Purpose.

Your Choice.

My mission is to empower you to live a productive life, despite your circumstances. My experience includes coaching, ministry, motivational speaking, teaching, counseling, supervising, seminar facilitation, guest lecturer, threat assessment, consultant, team building and

performance enhancement.

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This thought provoking and highly prophetic book was written before we arrived to where we are now, yet foretells very descriptively where we’ve landed. Dr. DuPree speaks of atmospheric, family, relational breakdowns and where they actually began, all the while pushing you into the mirror, placing emphasis on not just where you are, but a detailed description of how you got to this place. This writing makes you ask yourself, questions like, “what are you willing to do to gain back your life?” “Who are you willing to confront, release, forgive, in order to be whole?”

Renee Winston, MBA

Founder, Renee Winston Ministries


“This workbook gives concrete steps with insightful stories and careful reflection. From a practical perspective, you will prioritize what’s most important to you,become more aware of, and begin to identify and shift your attention to your own purpose, goals and Vision.”

Diaz Dixon

Chief Executive Officer, Eddy House

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“A great thing about this book is that you can literally take it piece by piece. You do not have to finish the book to get important things from it. You can actually start anywhere you want in the book and end up learning a lot about yourself and your relationship to others. This is not a book that you start reading it in order to finish it. This is a book where you start reading wherever and end up wherever the journey

takes you. Dr. DuPree understands the diversity of learning styles. So, sit down, pick this book up, and restart your journey. It will be a meaningful one!”

Dr. Tom Harrison

Professor Emeritus UNR

Founder, Downing Therapy Clinic




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