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You are created to win,

and the DNA of A Champion is already in you.



Pursuing Vision will empower people by providing education, inspiration, and spiritual development while challenging individuals to break self-imposed limitations. Services to individuals, groups and organizations are tailored to foster awareness, growth, skill building, and team building. 

Individual coaching

Are you living out your life's purpose? Can you state your personal vision right now?  If not, that's ok but there is work to do!  Personal vision is important to make your life more meaningful.  Together, in a one-on-one coaching environment I can help you define your purpose.  When you know your life's vision and purpose, you hold yourself accountable, align yourself with action that produces results you desire.  Are you ready to discover who you are destined to become? I am ready to help you. 


MENTAL & behavioral health consulting

I believe that communities can have a Vision and Purpose as well. The best way to build community trust and connection is work directly with the local agencies, governments, and organizations that lead decision making. I work with hospitals, health districts, school districts, law enforcement agencies, community groups, corporations and more to create positive community change. 

Much of my work centers on diversity, equity and inclusion education and training.  I can partner with your agency to build a custom curriculum for community impact trainings, workshops, guest lecturer opportunities, motivational engagement, and sensitivity training.  Contact me today to learn how we can work together to build better communities.



Read my latest book,Take Your Life Back Your Life. Your Purpose. Your Destiny. Your Vision. Your Choice. out now and available for purchase on Amazon.  Love my book?  Please leave a review!

Stay tuned for more titles to drop in the coming months!


motivational speaking

I create unique, powerful, and valuable meeting experiences that exceed your expectations, inspire positive change, and improve your team's performance.

Life can be challenging. Staying positive and profitable in today’s volatile and constantly changing world requires leaders and teams who can adapt, innovate, and engage. It needs people who are honest with themselves, and others.  People who build bridges and trust. Yes, you and your community are your most important resource. And to keep them resilient and ready, they must be treated as trusted partners.

My keynotes and seminars promote high-performing cultures based on accountability, preparation, teamwork, and trust. Audiences gain new skills and mindsets to adapt to change, overcome obstacles, lead with conviction, and build trust in their co-workers and partners.

As a result of attending one of these seminars, the audience learns what benefits they can bring for themselves and their fellow visionaries. 

My mission as a motivational speaker is to leverage my community impact, ministry, education and business experience into a transformational program that empowers you to take action and produce results for yourself and your community.



67% of job seekers consider workplace diversity an important factor when considering employment opportunities, and more than 50% of current employees want their workplace to do more to increase diversity. (Glassdoor) I believe that in order for people to work better together, we have to widen our circle of trust.

I build on the current state of your organization to create a relevant starting point for growth. Considering learning at both an individual and team level, we map opportunities across the entire employee experience and build customized solutions from there. Using data discovery, workshops, leadership development, conversation cohorts, and applied learning tools, we ensure our work is immersive, actionable, and will resonate beyond any one session or interaction to truly transform diversity, equity, and inclusion within your organization.  


You Were Created

to Win and Be

A Champion.

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