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Norris Dupree Pursuing Vision From The I


From the Inside Out

Your Vision. Your Life. Your Destiny. Your Purpose.

Your Choice.

Are you who you say you are?

Or have you adopted an inauthentic version of yourself?


As you journey in life there are areas that need to be addressed in-order to live a fulfilled life. It is easy for you to ignore certain areas of life because they are painful and disappointing. Numbing out pain and repressing your desires are survival mechanisms, that causes you to live in a fixed pattern of behavior instead of intentionally. By denying yourself the possibility to pursue your true aspirations, you cut yourself off from living a fulfilled life.

Freedom to choose is recognizing that you can make a conscious choice to grow and develop from your experiences. Your choice is embedded in your motivation to grow, learn, and overcome personal challenges. The adversity you encounter can serve as an inspiration in making a personal decision to develop and take back portions of your life that were affected by challenges.



Pursuing Vision will empower people by providing education, inspiration, and spiritual development while challenging individuals to break self-imposed limitations. Services to individuals, groups and organizations are tailored to foster awareness, growth, skill building, and team building. 

Hot off the press...

Get a copy of my new book, “Take Your Life Back”.

Take Your Life Back 3D Cover.jpg

This book is designed to take you on a journey and increase your awareness about who you are and how to fulfill your life vision. Asa therapist I believe that looking at the past is crucial to understanding who you are, the roles you play in relationships, and how you were affected by life experiences. Looking at the past does not require you to stay there, your past was designed to give you learning experiences that will help your future. Learning from your past experiences and applying life lessons to current decisions is known as wisdom. Your ability to develop personally starts with looking in the mirror and recognizing who you are.


Renee Winston.jpeg

This thought provoking and highly prophetic book was written before we arrived to where we are now, yet foretells very descriptively where we’ve landed. Dr. DuPree speaks of atmospheric, family, relational breakdowns and where they actually began, all the while pushing you into the mirror, placing emphasis on not just where you are, but a detailed description of how you got to this place. This writing makes you ask yourself, questions like, “what are you willing to do to gain back your life?” “Who are you willing to confront, release, forgive, in order to be whole?”

Renee Winston, MBA

Founder, Renee Winston Ministries


“This workbook gives concrete steps with insightful stories and careful reflection. From a practical perspective, you will prioritize what’s most important to you,become more aware of, and begin to identify and shift your attention to your own purpose, goals and Vision.”

Diaz Dixon

Chief Executive Officer, Eddy House

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 12.22.09

“A great thing about this book is that you can literally take it piece by piece. You do not have to finish the book to get important things from it. You can actually start anywhere you want in the book and end up learning a lot about yourself and your relationship to others. This is not a book that you start reading it in order to finish it. This is a book where you start reading wherever and end up wherever the journey

takes you. Dr. DuPree understands the diversity of learning styles. So, sit down, pick this book up, and restart your journey. It will be a meaningful one!”

Dr. Tom Harrison

Professor Emeritus UNR

Founder, Downing Therapy Clinic





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